Friday, March 8, 2019

Now out: hardPressed poetry Dual Poet Reader: Three - Maurice Scully and Jordi Valls Pozo

The third in hardPressed poetry's series of Dual Poet readers is now available. Read a sequence called Paths by Irish poet Maurice Scully, and by Jordi Valls Pozo, two sets of poems, EVIL and GUILLEM TELL in Catalan, with English versions by Raoul Izzard. 

Order direct from us here using the button on the right of the Blog page or by mailing hardpressedpoetryATgmailDOTcom.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

DISCOUNT PRE-ORDER: hardPressed Dual Poets Reader: Two

2nd hardPressed Dual Poets Reader with work by Linda Chown and David Miller.

YOU CAN PRE-ORDER at < > and via < >
Pre-order directly from hardPressed Poetry to get a two euro discount per copy  anywhere in the world.

E10 per copy pre-ordered from today until October 30th 2017 only.
AFTER October 30th: 📗📗
Price: E12.

DIRECT ORDERS TO hardpressedpoetry
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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Just Out: hardPressed Dual Poets Reader: One

hardPressed Dual Poets Reader: One is the first in a planned series of dual readers. It is a dual poet collection comprising the sequence 'You built you framing you are multiplying' by Sheila Mannix and a set of poems under the title 'My Name is Gretchen Merryweather' by Nathan Spoon. Order now using the box to the right of the screen.

Price 12.00 Euro.

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Urban Co-Op News

The Urban Co-Op is open again from this Thursday, 10am to 6pm in a new location.
HardPressed poetry
3 hrs
#hardpressedPoetry & #hardpressedPoetryWorkspace will be back at The Urban Co-Op #WehaveMoved to The Tait House (formerly Southill House)#readers and #writers
And when we return, this is where we'll be.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

International Call for Writers on Trump

The following petition was created by Catherine today. Click here if you want to sign.

This is a European created petition which replicates 'WRITERS ON TRUMP' the U.S. petition against Trump's candidacy for presidency of the U.S. I have started this petition in support of all of our writing contemporaries in the United States, to visibly demonstrate the solidarity of all kinds of international writers with their campaign. Please read what they have to say below and sign this petition if you are in agreement.
Thank you.
Catherine Walsh.
"The following is a statement signed by more than 23808 U.S. writers, regarding the candidacy of Donald J. Trump for the Presidency of the United States. If you agree with us—whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you live—we hope you'll join us by adding your name and the state you live in and help us spread the word. Many thanks.


Because, as writers, we are particularly aware of the many ways that language can be abused in the name of power;
Because we believe that any democracy worthy of the name rests on pluralism, welcomes principled disagreement, and achieves consensus through reasoned debate;
Because American history, despite periods of nativism and bigotry, has from the first been a grand experiment in bringing people of different backgrounds together, not pitting them against one another;
Because the history of dictatorship is the history of manipulation and division, demagoguery and lies;
Because the search for justice is predicated on a respect for the truth;
Because we believe that knowledge, experience, flexibility, and historical awareness are indispensable in a leader;
Because neither wealth nor celebrity qualifies anyone to speak for the United States, to lead its military, to maintain its alliances, or to represent its people;
Because the rise of a political candidate who deliberately appeals to the basest and most violent elements in society, who encourages aggression among his followers, shouts down opponents, intimidates dissenters, and denigrates women and minorities, demands, from each of us, an immediate and forceful response;
For all these reasons, we, the undersigned, as a matter of conscience, oppose, unequivocally, the candidacy of Donald J. Trump for the Presidency of the United States."